Pond cleaning & creek clearing in South East Queensland

Backed by a team of highly versatile tradesmen, a fleet of powerful machinery and 19 years of experience, there is no job too big or too small for Dams Cleaned. Based on the Sunshine Coast, we service residential and commercial clients as well as councils throughout the entirety of South East Queensland.

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Cleaning & Weed Control

pond with trees in background — Pond Cleaning Mudjimba, QLD
Is your damn, pond or creek so full of weeds you can't even see the water anymore? At Dams Cleaned no job has ever beaten us, if you require a dam cleaned, we can do it—it's as simple as that. No matter how many weeds, or how much debris there is, our thorough and efficient techniques will have it sparkling clean again in no time.

You may think aquatic weeds are just a natural part of a dam or lake's ecosystem. However, they can cause a number of major problems:

  • If they blanket the surface they cause oxygen depletion, destroying the under-surface ecosystem & killing aquatic species
  • Compete with native plants species & reduce biodiversity
  • Destroy aquatic habitat of bird species & cause them to relocate
  • Create blockages & impede water intake pumping equipment
  • Interfere with commercial & recreational activities

We control and remove aquatic and semi-aquatic weeds without ever using chemicals. All work is completed manually, with nature in mind, using booms and earthmoving machinery. Our fleet includes:

  • 10-tonne tipper trucks
  • 5-tonne tipper trucks
  • 23-tonne excavator with sieve bucket
  • 3.5-tonne excavator with sieve bucket
  • 4.5-tonne excavator with sieve bucket
  • 13-tonne excavator with sieve bucket
  • 3.5-tonne Posi-Track skid steer
  • 4.5-tonne Posi-Track skid steer

When you're finally fed up with that eyesore on your property, give our expert team a call for fast and affordable service.

Construction & Maintenance

pond with excavator — Pond Cleaning Mudjimba, QLD
From touching up the rock work around your pond, to constructing a jetty—we take on construction and maintenance projects of all sizes. We've worked on waterways of all kinds for almost 20 years, so we have great expertise in constructing structures specifically for these areas.
That means if you want a bridge over your pond, a jetty for your lake or a spillway to keep your dam under control—our team can make it happen. Thanks to our fleet of earthmoving equipment, we also maintain the area around your water, including any rock work.

Liners & Blankets

If you're looking to construct a new water body, or resize an existing one, on your residential or commercial property, then Dams Cleaned should be your first call. We can strategically install flexible and waterproof dam liners or fitted dam blankets to manage the flow and positioning of water.

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dam liners — Pond Cleaning Mudjimba, QLD