Dams cleaned…dam right!

Chemical-free aquatic weed removal in South East Queensland

Whether it's a backyard pond or a whole dam for a commercial farm, Dams Cleaned are the experienced team you need to call for fast, efficient and affordable cleaning and weed removal services. We are a Sunshine Coast-based business servicing all throughout the South East, down to the Gold Coast.

For 19 years, our team has specialised in the manual removal of noxious and invasive aquatic and semi aquatic plants. Using powerful machinery when needed, don't worry, we tread lightly! We always have nature in mind with industry techniques and good old-fashioned hard work, we can clear out any body of water—with no chemicals used at all!

We also carry out a range of construction and maintenance services for your water bodies, such as building jetties and fitting dam liners.

Give us a call today to book your service. We cover all areas of Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Hinterland and are available 24 hours a day.
Struggling to see your pond, creek, dam or waterway under all the weeds and debris? You need the assistance of our expert cleaners. We specialise in manual aquatic weed removal, pond cleaning and creek clearing without the use of weed killer or chemicals of any kind.
At Dams Cleaned, we've been removing weeds of all types for almost 20 years. Our team has listed some of the biggest problem weeds plaguing South East Queensland, so you can more easily identify them.
We don't just clean up weeds at Dams Cleaned, we also put our extensive fleet of machinery to use building jetties and bridges as well as fitting dam liners, rock work, beaches, maintaining spillways and general beautification of your dam.
Are you planning a new pond, dam, waterway or creek? Get our team to install state-of-the-art dam liners and fitted dam blankets to reduce maintenance requirements in the long run.